One of Perth's Most Quirky (yet awesome)

Welcome to learning a little bit about us, Hitch'd, and the eyes behind this screen! ...

Hey, I'm Charlotte, owner, operator, accountant, marketing and social media manager, payroll officer, courier, driver, admin and everyyyyyything inbetween!!

 And Hubby, Jonathon(well fiancé, but hubby is easier to say right!?)
who works FIFO 3:1 :( 

And not forgetting mischife maker, SASSY, 2 year old Mia who helps mummy by running round cause chaos everywhere! :D 

I cannot claim that we am the proud creator and restorers of Hitch'd Pop Up Bar as that was Mel and Ivan BUT I have been there right from the begining and have attended EVERY. SINGLE. EVENT. 
Yes every one of them! And all the expo!! :D 

So you will have seen my face around for a while hehe! 

Mel and Ivan have retired ;) and myself and Jonathon have taken over Hitch'd and what a priviledge it is. Thank you Mel and Ivan <3 

Not much will be changing around here except we are about to become BIGGER AND BETTER ;) 

My goal is to be able to have hubby work back in Perth so he can read our Daughter a story at bedtime every night <3

Our aim with our bars is to be able to offer affordable options to weddings and other special events where you are not paying for drinks by the "per person" when so many people either don't drink or half of your guests are driving!


 We offer BYO hire only and we will quote you for exactly what you require!


The reason we offer BYO is that we want you to have the event of your dreams and affordability is key to having an event that is what you want, not stressing about a price per person!

We look forward to serving you and your guests at your next event,

Charlotte <3


A little back story of how Hitch'd came to life
from the Original MVP herself, Mel...

'' I was a travel agent and yes.......... COVID hit HARD! I had already been toying with having another business and had been researching horse floats when I was stood down in March 2020. 2 weeks later we bought our Taylor float in Baldivis WA and had grand visions of a quick turn around of a lick of paint, new signage, and Bob's your uncle, Hitch'd Pop Up Bar would be born.

If you can get my humour, you can probably already tell that this is not the fairy tale I was sucking you into LOL

To cut a long story short, we had to completely gut the entire float as all the wood was rotten and needing better stabilising. I managed to use my skills of deduction and negotiation to source a majority from Marketplace/Gumtree etc (we are HUGE upcyclers) and then rest was Bunnings, IKEA, and the like.

In this time, COVID went from bad to worse so we used the time to get ready for when the regulations relaxed we would be there to help you get the party started!''