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Welcome to learning a little bit about us, Hitch'd, and what's on the horizon...

Hey, I'm Mel and with my hubby Ivan, we are the proud creators, restorers, and dream makers of Hitch'd Pop Up Bar.

So.......... to explain ME... I am a Sagittarian (and no I don't believe in this new astrology and plus I have the tattoo so I am not changing it hahaha), love to talk, socialise and LAUGH! I am a proud Mum of 4 independent self reliant kids, 2 gorgeous furbabies, Grayson and Shiloh and wife to the above mentioned hunk AKA Ivan.

Ok, so how did Hitch'd come to life?

So glad you asked!

Well, I was/am a travel agent and yes.......... COVID hit us HARD! I had already been toying with having another business and had been researching horse floats when I was stood down in March 2020. 2 weeks later we bought our Taylor float in Baldivis WA and had grand visions of a quick turn around of a lick of paint, new signage and Bob's your uncle, Hitch'd Pop Up Bar would be born.

If you can get my humour, you can probably already tell that this is not a fairy tale I was sucking you into LOL

To cut a long story short (you can see the gallery to see the full version in picture form), we had to completely gut the entire float as all the wood was rotten and needing better stabilising. I managed to use my skills of deduction and negotiation to source a majority from Marketplace/Gumtree etc (we are HUGE upcyclers) and then rest was Bunnings, IKEA, and the like.

In this time, COVID went from bad to worse so we used the time to get ready for when the regulations relaxed we would be there to help you get the party started!

"Filly" is our full-service bar that is equipped with a 4 tap keg system, dual battery set up, LED light-up icebox, shelving, storage, serving bench, chalkboard drinks menus, floral arrangements, photo stage with props and all staff RSA approved.

Our aim with our bars was to be able to offer affordable options to weddings and other special events where you are not paying for drinks by the "per person" when so many people either don't drink or half of your guests are driving! Seems crazy to me and yes we had this at our wedding at $45 pp for a 9 am wedding! $3500 of alcohol that we certainly didn't feel we got value for money and that was 10 years ago! We offer BYO hire and you can find all the prices and inclusions in the Package Tab. The reason we offer BYO is because we want you to have the event of your dreams and affordability is key to having an event that is what you want, not stressing about a price per person!

So what else do you do?

Well.....I am so glad you asked!

Now that Filly is finished and looking B E A utiful, our next float "Colt" will soon be started!

Being one to see an opportunity, I had already seen another float the day after we bought Filly and back and forth with emails and text messages to the ad on Gumtree, Colt was bought sight unseen, paid for online and then yep... the WA borders and regions closed LOL

8 weeks later we were able to book accommodation to head down to pick the little man up. Oh, yes, sorry I didn't tell you, the second float was in Albany, 6 hours south of Perth! 

I could absolutely write a book about the things my hubby puts up with with me but I can tell you're getting the picture LOL

Anyways...... THAT is how Hitch'd was born and we are thrilled to be bringing you the most awesome, gorgeous vintage restored and converted horse float pop up bar and we would love to be part of your special event no matter how big, small, different or far away, so that you have a night that is





Where we will be soon!

 Keep an eye out on our Facebook page to see where we might be "popping up"at the next local food truck or special community event! 

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